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Lake Mount eBox

Contains everything you need to worship with us from home (plus some goodies!). Ships every month!

Virtual gatherings, real connections!

We know it's difficult to be stuck at home, unable to join the live gathering. We are blessed to have the technology to stream our services online for those at home, but that cannot really duplicate the experience of the live gathering. We miss the encouragement and fellowship of our fellow Christians. We came up with the Lake Mount eBox as a way of bringing you one step closer to that experience. Each month, you'll receive a box to be opened and enjoyed as you participate in our online services over the following weeks! We encourage you to enjoy them as a family and we hope they enhance your worship time.

What's in the box?!

The eBox contains all the essentials for joining us electronically (see what we did there?)! Inside you'll find what you need to join us in the Lord's Supper, info on upcoming events and services, material about the exciting ministries here at LMCC, and even some things you can use to invite others to join us online or in person! Also, we will include some surprise goodies for you to enjoy each month!

What else can you do to connect with the church?

Even though we are separated for a time, you are still a part of the body of Christ! The Kingdom still needs you, and there are things you can do even if you're stuck at home! Here are some things you can do to be an active part of the church:

  1. Pray- There are so many people out there who are isolated, hurting, and in need of Christ! Pray for them, pray for the future of the church, pray for our country, pray about the things that are on your heart.
  2. Spread the Gospel- We live in a time where distance cannot keep us from communicating with others. Social media, phones, email, or shouting out the window at people who walk by your house are all potential ways to tell people about Jesus. Virus or no virus, the Gospel of Christ cannot be quarantined!
  3. Encourage others- If you're feeling worn out and emotionally drained from the last year, you can be sure others feel the same. Reach out to them! Let them know you're praying for them and that God loves them! You cannot know the positive impact a word of encouragement can have on someone who's hurting!
  4. Give- We understand these are uncertain times and that many have suffered financially over the last year, but as Christians, we know it is still important to give to the work of the Kingdom. There is a blessing to be found in giving to God. This is a step of faith when we are struggling to make ends meet, but remember that God is the true source of our security. Trust Him, and He will not let you down!
  5. Reach out- Part of the reason God commands us to assemble together is that we need the support and accountability we get from our fellow Christians. If you are struggling, spiritually or otherwise, reach out to us! Talk with your elder or one of our evangelists, or reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ! We will be glad to talk with you and pray with you. Do not fight your battles alone! We are the body of Christ, and we are here for each other!
  6. Come back when you can!- Virtual worship is a great way to stay connected for a time, but we all need the live gathering! That's why we want to encourage everyone to return to in-person worship as soon as you are able to be out and about!

How do I sign up?

Included in our first eBoxes is a postage-paid card which you can fill out and return if you want to continue to receive a monthly eBox. You can also fill out and submit the form below and we will make sure your box is sent out!

The eBoxes will be sent out free of charge! If you want donate to support this ministry, you are welcome to give in person or give online as you normally would, and send us a message through the Contact Us page to let us know you gave to support the eBoxes!

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