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Online Classes & Resources

Video classes and study resources for everyone from new converts to long-time Christians.

Online Classes- Coming Soon!

Check back soon for our upcoming video lessons! We will have classes on a wide array of topics, including a New Converts series, Christian Doctrine, Apologetics, Creation, and more! These classes will be taught by the evangelists and teachers right here at LMCC!

Study Resources

If you're looking for some fantastic study material, be sure to check out Shoveling Gold! There are lots of free articles and lessons as well as audio and video content. You'll also find commentaries and study books that can be purchased. Everything has been written by either Jason Cole, our Senior Evangelist, or Dick Chambers, a member of LMCC who has been preaching, teaching, and writing for many years. Whether you're looking for resources for personal study or preparing a lesson or Bible study for others, you'll find some wonderful material here, so be sure to click on the link below!