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LEGACY Teen Dress Code

Because no one needs to see that ; )

Why a dress code?

When we are together at an event, it’s important for us to dress appropriately. This isn’t to spoil anyone’s fun or to “control your bodies”, or anything like that. We want to show respect for others, for ourselves, and for God. That means not dressing in ways that can cause others to have temptation or inappropriate thoughts. That causes others to stumble, which is bad for them, and it draws the wrong kind of attention, which is bad for you. You are all amazing people, made in the image of God. Let’s work together to present ourselves that way. 

So what are the rules?

General Rules:

1. Remember the 4 B’s! No breasts, butts, boxers, or bellies visible.

2. No spaghetti straps/ no bra straps showing

3. No really short shorts (you know it when you see it)

4. No really tight clothes (again, you know)

5. No inappropriate/offensive language or messages on clothing/jewelry/bags, etc.

6. Guys, keep your shirts on (girls too, but I hope that goes without saying)

7. No going commando; wear appropriate underclothes (even on “No Bra Day”)


1.    Girls AND guys: SHIRTS AND SHORTS

2.    No white or light-colored shirts for swimming

3.    All above rules still apply when swimming

Remember: "Modest is Hottest!"