UNHINDERED At LMCC we want to be Unhindered in our Boldness and Unhindered in our Reach! Learn more


"...with all boldness and without hindrance." Acts 28:32

What is the Unhindered Initiative?

Jason Cole- Senior Evangelist

The UNHINDERED Initiative is a two-year generosity initiative through which we will fully resource the 2022 and 2023 ministry plan of Lake Mount Church of Christ, while offsetting as much of the cost of our project as possible. In Acts 28:31, the Bible says that Paul proclaimed the Kingdom of God, “...with all boldness and without hindrance!” We want to do the same in our community as we come together as a body to be UNHINDERED in our Boldness and our Reach.

Unhindered in Our Boldness

Lake Mount is a church full of loving people who place a high value on community and on deep relationships with one another. In this UNHINDERED Initiative we each want to be BOLD in our giving whereby we fully resource the ministry plan of our church for 2022 & 2023 while also offsetting as much of the cost of our project as possible. This is an opportunity for each of us to come together and respond in generosity that we haven’t given before.

Unhindered in Our Reach

Living things grow, and God’s Word tells us to do whatever we need to do to REACH those who need Christ. Our building is outdated and increasingly does not easily accommodate our ministry needs, which hinders us in our REACH. Our Fellowship Hall needs to be updated, we are in need of a larger space for our teens to gather, and there are various other areas in the building that need to be repaired and remodeled. The purpose and design of our construction project is intended to remove any barriers to our growth as a church, while also creating appeal to those whom Jesus told us to REACH. In this UNHINDERED Initiative we want to offset as much of the construction cost of our project as possible.

Primary Goal: 100% Participation

We want every person who calls Lake Mount their church home to be a part of this UNHINDERED Initiative. Now is the time that we come together and heighten the unity of our church around advancing this vision and mission.

Secondary Goal: $1.9M in Generosity

We are trusting God to move through His people to invest $1.9 million over these next two years to accomplish this UNHINDERED Vision for the future of Lake Mount. We CAN do this...but we can only do this TOGETHER.

Will you commit to joining us on this Unhindered journey?

We will be continuing to provide information over the next few weeks as we each prepare to make our Unhindered commitment. For those who are ready and excited to take that step, we'll have an Advanced Commitment service on Wed. 3/23 at 7pm! For the rest of us, Commitment Sunday will be April 3rd! At these times, you will be able to turn in your completed Commitment Card. If you haven't received a card (or if you lost yours), just speak with one of our leaders and we'll be happy to get you one. If you miss out on our special commitment services, never fear! You can fill out a commitment card at any time and drop it into the offering box. You can also fill out and submit the Online Commitment Card below!

Use this image as a reference to help you fill out the form below! Or, you can click on the image to see a short video explaining how to fill out your card!

Questions? Click the button below to get in touch with us!

Next Steps

We'd like to invite everyone who calls Lake Mount Church of Christ their church home to take an active role in this UNHINDERED Initiative by doing these four things.


Pray that God will work in the hearts of His people at Lake Mount, and that we will listen with the intent to obey.


The primary goal of this initiative is 100% participation. That begins with your decision to listen to God, and to make a sacrificial commitment to this UNHINDERED Initiative that will take your faith to a whole new level in your generosity.


We also need you to stand with us in support of this initiative and ask that you encourage others to do the same.


God is going to do some amazing things as we launch this initiative. Let’s be poised and ready to celebrate all of these things in a big way.